Serving You

Our desire is to provide a safe place for you to connect and grow where you are.  Therefore, we want to invest in you to become the man or woman God has called you to be.

Services Available:

Chaplain in time of need

Providing spiritual guidance for those not connected to a local Church.

  • Believe in you, because God does.
  • Listen to you when no one else will.
  • Ask you questions that will help you.
  • Support you in times of decision-making.
  • Test you when it is the right thing to do.

Life Coach

Helping you take a purposeful look at your current situation and your future dreams.  Assisting you to unpack all aspects of your life, including how to make better choices, enjoy your life, have peace of mind and passion. As well as addressing how God has wired you to be you.


  1. weekly 1 hour phone and/or video consultation.
  2. quarterly one-on-one consultations to your location
  3. collaborative group gathers with industry leaders in strategic locations across the United States


  1. providing weekly phone/video coaching on the merit of value for the first month.  If you find value after the first month, then contribute based on the value you feel you received commensurate with what you would pay anyone else for the same service.
  2. quarterly consultations are negotiable.
  3. collaborative group gathering cost structure to be determined.

Speaking Engagements

We are available for Friday and Saturday speaking engagements.
(I.e. – Mens Events, Retreats, Hunting/Fishing outings, “Wild At Heart” Getaways, Father/Son Retreats, Fish Fry’s, Chili Cook-offs, Beast Feasts, etc…)


  1. honorary, plus expenses.  Will discuss upon receiving your invitation.

We look forward to serving you.


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