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Turkey’s Never Lie… Or Do They?

Let me preface this by saying, we are ALL notorious for protecting our “honey hole”.  But, come on… do we really need to look another hunter in the eyes and lie to their face?  On so many levels this is wrong.


What prompted this was my scouting trip last weekend for turkeys… (Thunder Chickens)  I happened to be down in San Diego County on the Cleveland National Forest just northwest of Henshaw Lake.  Where I’m sure there will be several of us this coming Saturday morning, March 26th for opening day.

While coming out of the woods I ran into 3 guys coming in mid to late morning on Saturday.  The conversation went something like this…


Me – how’s it going guys… scouting turkeys?
Guys – yep…

Me – well, yesterday evening I sat into dark over the lake near the pastures edge with no luck other than a few muley does and this morning it was more than quite in the heavy fog.
Guys – ok, then

Me – you guys familiar with this area?  I’m new here.
Guys – no, this is our first time here too.

Me – well you know where the old barn is?
Guys – yeah… down the creek bed and around the bend… (1st clue)

Me – I sat there for 2 hours on the ridge with no luck, yesterday.
Guys – oh… ok

Me – you know where that old water holding tank is on the far side of the pasture.
Guys – yeah… up near that old cattle crossing. (2nd clue)

Me – yeah, that one…. no luck there either.
Guys – I see… well I guess you’ll not be here next weekend then will you.

Me – since I don’t know of a lot of other areas… I’m thinking this might be one of my better options to bring my boys, since I know the birds hold up here throughout the year.
Guys – well… you know you might want to try down near Southerland Lake, I hear it is a much better spot than here.

Me – thanks for the tip guys… hope you have a great day.  Blessings!

Now, I have no idea about those guys spiritual lives.  I have no knowledge of where they stand in their relationship to Christ.  This much I do know… they are turkey hunters and they are “turkeys”.  They looked me in my eyes and told me they’d never been to that spot before, yet they knew every land mark I mentioned and gave a better description of it than I could have.


19  Truth will last forever; lies are soon found out.

Proverbs 12:17 (CEV)


I know we love our honey holes, but lying never wins.  As you go throughout your week know that I’m praying for you.

Speaking truth… in love.


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